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Analysis of the openness level and EU integration trends in the development of Polish economy

Vol. 11, No 2, 2018


Janusz Wielki


D.Sc. (Economics), professor Opole University of Technology, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Head of the Department of E-business and Electronic Economy




Analysis of the openness level and EU integration trends in the development of Polish economy


Inessa Sytnik


D.Sc. (Economics), professor Opole University of Technology, 

Faculty of Economics and Management, Department of Organization and Management of Enterprise


Bogdan Sytnik


Mgr, Poland








Abstract. Active incorporation of a national economy into the world economic system is possible only if it is open. The purpose of this study is to analyze Poland's national economy openness level and, on this basis, to determine the main directions for foreign economic partnership development. The study used the authors’ own methodology for analyzing the national economy openness. This methodology is based on studying the export-import of goods and services transactions dynamics at two levels: global and regional ones. The results of the analysis show that Poland is following the so-called information path of development. The dynamics of changes in Poland's export-import transactions’ balance with the EU member states separately for services and goods, as well as the countries’ ranking according to the foreign economic partnership development degree made it possible to identify the countries that are Poland's most important trade partners in services and goods sectors of the European market. As a supplement to this analysis, the study proposes a methodology for grouping countries according to the size and profitability of foreign trade turnover. This methodology allows building a matrix for selecting a foreign trade partner country for Polish entrepreneurs.



Received: December, 2017

1st Revision: February, 2018

Accepted: May, 2018


DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2018/11-2/18


JEL ClassificationF23, F63, O19, O52

Keywordsnational economy, economy openness, European market, export-import, Poland