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Conditions at Dwellings Market under Transition – the Case of Poland

Vol. 1, No 1, 2008

Maria Trojanek

Poznań University of Economics

Conditions at Dwellings Market under Transition – the Case of Poland 


Abstract: Housing Dwelling market policy being ran implemented iIn Poland since from the beginning of the 1990s has been, based on the dominatingnt role of government financing, and this has lead to the following below mentioned results: - Significant lack of available dwellings, - Poor quality of supply linked with its decapitalization, - Low hire rates which didn’t allow to covering the maintenance of dwellings’ resources, - Hire rates have been were government regulated by the government, so they didn’t cover the actual cost of living. This policy turned out to be ineffective. The Mmarket changes taking place implemented in Polish the economy during this period have been were applicableied also to the housing dwellings sector as well, since housing-they became a market good instead of being a social privilege. Thus, dwellings became , which was subject to all the market rules of buying, selling, pricing and financing, same as all other as all market goods. This resulted in the need of changes aimed at: 1) Improving the of low cost situation and also providing, long- term credit availability;, 2) Designing the of government aid for low- income citizens in order to help them solve their accommodation problems. Some of the legal regulations aimed at solving theseis problems were already implemented starting with 1994, however, the long- run plan for housing of dwellings policy development is yet to be was not designed. The paper presents the contains diagnosticsis of the current state of the housing dwellings’ market in Poland under transition along withnd an attempt to identify its key development factors.



Keywords:residential market, housing construction