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The Biggest Polish and Ukrainian Enterprises - Globalization or Market Concentration? Comparison with the Biggest World and European Multinational Companies

Vol. 1, No 1, 2008

Tomasz Bernat

Department of Microeconomics

University of Szczecin

The biggest Polish and Ukrainian enterprises – globalization or market concentration? Comparison with the biggest world and European multinational companies



Abstract.  The paper’s objective is to compare the biggest Polish and Ukrainian companies in the light of ongoing globalization and concentration. The questions to be answered in the research is what are the biggest enterprises in both countries, what sector of the economy they are representing and finally what is the main reason predetermining the size of these enterprises. The results obtained for these two countries will be further compared with the biggest companies worldwide and in Europe. The methodology applied in the research is based on revenues as the classical indicator of company size and type of production/service the company is working with. The results could help answer whether Polish and Ukrainian companies are similar to the world and European ones. In the first part of the paper the basic theory of globalization and the role of multinational companies in it are presented. The second part demonstrates the data on the companies in questions used for comparison. The last chapter is the summary which describes our key conclusions.



Keywords: competition, the biggest companies, economy, globalization, sector concentration.