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Commercialization of Green Technologies: an Exploratory Literature Review

Vol. 9, No 3, 2016

Karlygash Saparovna Mukhtarova


Al-Farabi Kazakh National University,

Republic of Kazakhstan

Commercialization of Green Technologies: an Exploratory Literature Review

Anna Aleksandrovna Trifilova


Exeter University,

United Kingdom


Aknur Zhidebekkyzy


Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Republic of Kazakhstan


 Abstract. Technology and innovation are viewed as triggers in the move towards  greener economy. Commercialisation of green technologies does not only provide the key drivers for economic growth but are also essential for the world to be sustainable. The central idea of this paper is to address the query of what is known about green technological outputs. In particular, we look at the existing body of literature related to commercialization of green technologies, identifying the most active scholars, journals and relevant publications. The paper provides some answers to the questions of top journals with the papers related to commercialization of green technology, a number of articles with the highest number of citations, or the list of countries with the most of studies in green technologies. The paper has both academic and policy-making value . From the academic perspective the study identifies the scholars who have contributed most to the research on  commercialisation of green technologies. For policy-makers, this paper is a report on the existing practices and positive experience in responsible leadership. Additionally for practitioners, the study shows which subject areas create profitable growth in compliance  with environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship.


Received: July, 2016

1st Revision: September, 2016

Accepted: December, 2016


DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2016/9-3/6

JEL Classification: Q01, Q55, O31

Keywords: green technology, green innovations, commercialization, innovation management, literature review