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Neoliberalism in geoeconomics: the case of Southeast Europe

Vol. 9, No 1, 2016

Radenko Scekic


University of Montenegro, Montenegro

Neoliberalism in geoeconomics: the case of Southeast Europe


Mimo Draskovic


University of Montenegro, Montenegro


Milica Delibasic


International University of Travnik Bosnia and Herzegovina


Abstract. This paper analyzes theoretical and methodological grounds of geoeconomics as the extended arm of geopolitics and post-industrial development paradigm. The article selects its basic semantic components, terms and definitions, and explains the geoeconomic character of neoliberalism. The authors suggest a new term - the neoliberal geo-ideology. The influence of geoeconomics in the countries of South-East Europe (SEE) is demonstrated, and the destructive effects of neoliberalism, which serves as the official economic policy in SEE are discussed. The conclusion verifies the starting hypothesis noting the need for abandoning neoliberal economic policies in the SEE countries as such.


Received: November, 2015

1st Revision: December, 2015

Accepted: January, 2015


DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2016/9-1/5

JEL Classification: F02, P30.

Keywords: geoeconomics, geopolitics, neoliberalism, institutions, Southeast Europe.