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Competitive advantage attainment via synergy in green offices

Vol. 8, No 3, 2015

Vytis Varanavicius


Lithuanian Energy Institute


Competitive advantage attainment via synergy in green oFFIces

Aida Navikaite


Kaunas University of Technology


ABSTRACT. Competitive and innovative ideas that appeal the actual needs of consumers at large should be on the center stage during these times. Nowadays, a continuously in- creasing interest in environmental performance has appeared. The proactive approach to environmental challenges is widely seen in companies’ practice which seek to be environmentally friendly, and also aims to improve the financial performance. The green initiative could be stated as the value-added practice to the company’s products or services. The novelty of this study is that it shows the close of the gap between the concept of competitive advantage and the concept of “green office.” Moreover, the green office concept affects the competitiveness positively; therefore, it is recommended that companies incorporate the idea of environmental management activities into their strategies. Regarding these implications, it could also be noted that in order to apply the green office concept, the environmental management systems should be kept in mind, and, in this particular case, synergy is recommended for incorporation to reach the maximum result. This study raises the question: how to enhance the management of competitive advantage via synergy in green offices? Meanwhile, the aim of the study is to emphasize the attainment of a competitive advantage.


Received: July, 2015

1st Revision: October, 2015

Accepted: December, 2015


DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2015/8-3/11

JEL Classification: M3, F64, L11, O44

Keywords: : Competitive Advantage, Synergy, Green Offices, Environmental Management Systems