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Strategic municipal real estate management

Vol. 8, No 2, 2015

Maria Trojanek

Poznan University of Economics, Poznan, Poland

Strategic municipal real estate management



ABSTRACT. This paper explores the legitimacy of strategic management within municipal real estate stock. It defines the purposes, specificity, and legal and economic aspects of public real estate management. The arguments for changing the current municipal real estate stock management model have been substantiated. We reinforce the thesis that what constitutes the foundation of effective public real estate management is task-based classification of real estate (the purposes that real estate stock serves now and in the future) and the needs resulting from strategic documents. The paper also describes the activities taken up at each stage of the formulation of a strategic management concept.


Received: February, 2015

1st Revision: May, 2015

Accepted: July, 2015

DOI: 10.14254/2071-


JEL Classification: L85, B41, P2

Keywords: : Real estate management, real estate management objectives, real estate management strategy