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The Origins and Evolution of Lean Management System

Vol. 5, No 1, 2012

Łukasz Dekier

Poznan University of Economics

The Origins and Evolution of Lean Management System


Abstract: In 2008 the worldwide economic crisis grew in strength and many companies from different walks of life commenced to seek the opportunity to enhance their economic situation. The outcomes of the effort resulted in the implementation of modern management methods, such as Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, TQM or Lean Management. Due to its high efficacy the last one turned most preferred. The aim of this paper is to give an account of the origins and evolution of Lean Management. The brief history of Toyota Production System (TPS) will be outlined alongside its most essential instruments: jidoka, Just-in-time and “pull-flow production”. Additionally, the functioning of companies exercising Lean Management as a direct successor of TPS will be demonstrated. Eventually, the underlying rules of Lean Management with their applications will be put forward to elicit its assets and discern the differences between Lean Management and the former systems.


Keywords: Lean Management, Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Production System, Lean Leadership.

JEL Classification: M 11.