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Key Success Factors of Strategic Managemnt Implementation in SMES in Iran

Vol. 6, No 2, 2013

Shahin Pournasir

Coventry University, UK

Key Success Factors of Strategic Management Implementation in SMEs in Iran


July, 2013

1st Revision:

September, 2013


October, 2013




Abstract. Strategic management is a sub-discipline of filament of management which includes a variety of methods and disciplines; furthermore, it evolves both quantities and behavioral sciences that make strategic management art and science (David. F 2005; Parnell, 2005). In addition to that, the most important objective of the strategic management procedure is to help businesses to be successful by making themselves distinctive in a competitive way from other businesses and by giving them the chance to capitalize on their inner strengths and exterior chances while reducing their inner weaknesses and exterior threats (Bryson, 1995; David. F2005; Porter, 1985; Steiner, 1976). Furthermore, one of the major functions of the Strategic Management is to help the managements in their choosing process when they need to pick up between different options (Parnell 2005, Porter 1985). Higgins and Vincze (1993) state that, Strategic management is the process of administration the pursuit of organizations mission while managing the relationship of the organization to its environment. Moreover, nowadays small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have critical role on the world economy and employee rate of countries as a result policy makers and governments attempt to make better environment to attract entrepreneurs and investors to establish SMEs business. In this regards, the purpose of this research is to investigate and evaluate the key success factors (KSFs) of Strategic Management implementation in SMEs in the Iran. Also a comparison was conducted with other researches in field of strategic Implementation in developed and developing countries, in order to establish a recommendation and framework to have successful Strategic implementation in SMEs in the Iran.


Keywords: Strategic Management, Strategic Implementation, KSFs of strategic Implementation, SMEs, IRAN.

JEL classification: L10, M11.