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The Effects of Organizational Structure on the Entrepreneurial Orientation of the Employees

Vol. 6, No 2, 2013

Behzad Shoghi

Islamic Azad University, Iran

Aboulfazl Safieepoor

Islamic Azad University, Iran

The Effects of Organizational Structure on the Entrepreneurial Orientation of the Employees



July, 2013

1st Revision:

September, 2013


October, 2013




Abstract. This study aims to investigate the effects of organizational structure on the entrepreneurial orientation of the employees in metal industries of Kaveh Industrial City of Iran. The research was conducted in 2012. The methodology of this research is functional according to its objective, and it is a descriptive survey according to its data collection method, and it is a quantitative research due to the type of its data that have been collected by questionnaire. In order to assess the dimensions of the organizational structure we have used Robins Standard Questionnaire and in order to measure the  entrepreneurial orientations, we have used Dess and Lumpkins standard questionnaire of entrepreneurial orientation. The pollution of the research was included 4700 employee involved in metal industries of Kavek Industrial City, among whom, 355 people was selected as the research sample by using Cochran formula and sampling method of relational stratified random sampling method. Then we applied Spearmans regression test and multi-regression (in SPSS) and the Structural Equation Modeling (in LISREL) to analyze the data. The analysis showed that the organizational structure has a positive significant effect on the entrepreneurial orientation of the employees of the organization. The finding of this research can help the managers of the metal industry identify the weaknesses and strengths of their organizational structure and the appearance of peoples orientations and behaviors toward the entrepreneurial activities.


Keywords: Organizational structure, Formalization, Complexity, Centralization, Entrepreneurial orientation, Metal industries.

JEL classification: L22, M51.