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The Strategic Importance of Brand Positioning in the Place Brand Concept – Elements, Structure and Application of the Positioning Statement

Vol. 5, No 1, 2012

Karolina Janiszewska

Poznan University of Economics


Andrea Insch

School of Business

University of Otago

The Strategic Importance of Brand Positioning

in the Place Brand Concept: Elements, Structure and Application Capabilities


Abstract: The concept of place brand building and managing is largely discussed in literature on the subject and more and more frequently put into practice. The key element which determines effective implementation thereof is to define brand positioning. This is because brand positioning determines the framework of visual and communication-related execution. What is more, it also determines future brand development as brand positioning is the basis for gaining competitive advantage, especially in the context of global changes. In the article, the author identifies the fundamental elements which constitute the structure of the positioning claim which results from the brand positioning process and indicates the opportunities and limitations of applying the concept.


Keywords: place brand positioning, place brand identity.

JEL classifi cation: M31.