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Development of Small Business in Ukraine and Poland: Point of Contact and Problematic Aspects

Vol. 5, No 1, 2012

Olena Sorokivska

Ivan Pu’uj Ternopil State Technical University


Olga Boryk

Ternopil Institute of Social and Information Technology


Development of small business in Ukraine and Poland:

point of contact and problematic aspects


Abstract: The aim of the presented paper is to determine the place and role of small businesses in developing economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland, as well as studying the positive aspects of the Polish and Ukrainian experience support to small businesses and features of its formation in the two Slavic countries. The main objectives of the study are: defining the place and role of small business formation in the economy of Poland, doing characteristics of the existing enterprises by number of employees and analyze the share of small enterprises in the sector, determining the main reasons for the growth of entrepreneurship in small business sphere; studying the formation of partnerships relationships between the subjects of small business in Ukraine and Poland in the priority sectors; making the definition of institutional support and features state aid in the development of small businesses. The results of the research is to determine the small businesses impact on the sectoral structure of economy forming in Ukraine and Poland, in grounding features of small businesses in two countries, analytical comparisons of the Polish-Ukrainian economic cooperation.


Keywords: small business, government support, institutional structures, investment projects, economic growth.

JEL Classification: F23, P2.