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The Editorial Board of “Journal of International Studies” follows the rules on academic writing and academic ethics, according to the work by Miguel Roig (2003, 2006) “Avoiding plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and other questionable writing practices: A guide to ethical writing”, available online at Editorial Board suggests to potential contributors of the journal, reviewers and readers to dully follow this guidance in order to avoid misconceptions in academic writing. Editors will blind referee all manuscripts as will reviewers, to the guidelines explicitly highlighted by COPE .

Information privacy policy

Please, note that we have updated our information privacy policy in full compliance of recent GDPR-related changes.

Since our editorial team is dealing with blind reviews and publishing decision-making on a daily basis, we take all privacy issues very seriously.

All our both external and internal procedures remain to be in full compliance with COPE, in the first place, however, several important things need to be emphasized here, due to recent changes:


- Encoding at the initial stages of reviewing ensures full protection of all authors’ personal information, including emails, phone numbers, affiliations to specific job places etc.

- We do not share internal information with any third party as such

- All blind review decisions and plagiarism check results are delivered directly and only the corresponding coauthor.


If you have any questions/concerns regarding privacy standards or you would like us to delete your email contact from our database - please, let us know via email.