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Recruitment Process Optimization: Chosen Findings From Practice In Poland

Vol. 9, No 3, 2016

Janusz K. Grabara


Czestochowa University of Technology,



Sebastian Kot


Czestochowa University of Technology,


North-West University,

South Africa


Łukasz Pigoń


Czestochowa University of Technology,


 Abstract. Recruitment process is a progressive and time-consuming activity for an enterprise, usually connected with high costs. Even multi-stage and complex recruitment processes are connected with the risk of failure, an effect of which is an unfilled vacancy. Every organization aims to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency of the recruitment process in a way that they hire the person who possesses the required competences for a particular position, in the shortest possible time and with the lowest costs. Therefore, a significant element of every recruitment process is both a proper plan for the whole recruitment process, as well as effective check of  competences of a  potential candidate. The research proves that the costs connected with the replacement of an employee range from 1/3 of the annual earnings even up to the value of the two-year remuneration in the case of a high-level manager, it is dependent on the position for  which the recruitment process is conducted. Being aware of  costs, it is significant to optimize the whole process within  organization.  New solutions and requirements of the labour market make candidates change the approach to  recruitment process. All the time, lack of preparation for interviews may be observed among candidates, starting from the mistakes made at the level of CV preparation , up to the lack of knowledge concerning the organization and its products. This paper aims to discuss the ways and tools of the recruitment process optimization in the case of organization, indicating the ways of preparing candidates for  recruitment  so that they could effectively present their own achievements.


Received: August, 2016

1st Revision: October, 2016

Accepted: December, 2016


DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2016/9-3/17

JEL Classification: J21, J24

Keywordsrecruitment, unemployment, professional activation, recruitment process