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Sales of Residential Properties Illustrated with the City of Kalisz

Vol. 6, No 2, 2013

Izabela Rącka

Stanisław Wojciechowski Higher Vocational State School

in Kalisz, Poland


Sales of Residential Properties Illustrated with the City of Kalisz


July, 2013

1st Revision:

September, 2013


November, 2013




Abstract. Properties are one of the most rapidly developing segments of the Polish economy. The development of the property market involves not only transformations of all of its operating aspects, but also awareness of importance of property market surveys, which are a useful source of information for investors. This analysis focuses on fluctuation of transactional prices of residential properties in Kalisz in 2003-2012. An attempt has been made to identify factors affecting a property price. The analysis leads to a few significant findings. When compared to the domestic property market and parallel local markets, sales are low. An analysis of dependences between the price and the land area has led to a conclusion that the correlation dependence is of positive nature. Upon analyzing time tendency of the transactional prices, an average monthly price growth has been identified. The local market demonstrates tendencies reflecting the country-wide phenomena.



Keywords: properties, market analysis, transactions, residential properties, property price.


JEL classification: R31.