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Corporate Social Responsibility in Poland – Theory and Practice

Vol. 6, No 2, 2013

Grażyna Wolska

Szczecin University, Poland

Corporate Social Responsibility in Poland  Theory and Practice



September, 2013

1st Revision:

October, 2013


November, 2013




Abstract. In the last decade Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an idea playing an increasingly important role in the activity of various enterprises. To an extent the concept is a response to new requirements faced by the enterprises. They consist mostly of a close cooperation between the enterprise and its environment as well as complying with commonly accepted norms and rules. The aim of the article is to establish a multidirectional evaluation of various CSR solutions in Poland. The intention of the author is to point out the importance of complying with the CSR premises as well as many

benefits coming from non-paricularist and non-individualist approach to the issues of social responsibility. Along with necessary theoretical introduction indispensable in case of a research paper the text also presents these issues basing on economic practice.


Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, outline of CSR, social economics.

JEL classifi cation: M14, P2.